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Advertising Information. Reach a highly targeted audience within the helicopter industry with many unique users and helicopter pilots. - Advertising Information
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Advertising Information

How do i advertise with
You will find on this page all you need to start a campaign with us. Just go through every section step-by-step and fill in the necessary information.

You can choose from different campaign durations and placement areas which are explained in detail below. We think, this gives you the best idea of what to expect for your money and -at the same time- is most efficient as you already know from the beginning for how long your creative will be shown on Your advert receives global exposure either concentrated on all our forums or even on all of our pages. You will find a detailed explanation of our placements below.

Furthermore, starting with a campaign duration of 3 months, we offer interesting discounts even up to 50,00%.

Should you prefer to run a campaign based on CPM and/or target your adverts to certain pages, then this is possible as well. Kindly send us an Email and we will get back to you within a couple of days.

Fixed-Cost Rate Card

On average
180,000 impressions/month
Position Format 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months 12 months 24 months
Top of the page 468x60 € 1.200 € 2.400 € 2.880 € 5.400 € 9.600 € 14.400
Forum Top 468x60 € 960 € 1.920 € 2.304 € 4.320 € 7.680 € 11.520
Forum Eyecatcher 728x90 € 1.500 € 3.000 € 3.600 € 6.750 € 12.000 € 18.000
Bottom of the page 468x60 € 720 € 1.440 € 1.728 € 3.240 € 5.760 € 8.640
Discount schedule --,-- --,-- 20,00% 25,00% 33,33% 50,00%

The four types of placements and banners are:

(All prices are quoted net excl. german VAT of 19% - Last Update: 06/2020)

Where do you want to place your advert

(When you hold your mouse over any banner, you will see the name of the area and dimensions of the advert. Click on the banner you would like for your campaign.)


Payment Options
  • US bank transfer
  • Non US bank transfer
  • PayPal

Quote Request

We just need a little more information to finish your order
 Items marked with (*) are mandatory.
How long should your campaign run* :
Contact Name* :
First- and lastname
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